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As a peer-reviewed national journal, mediarts aims to create a critical discussion area by bringing together different disciplines that touch media and art studies on a common plane. From this point of view, it aims to present the works of scientists, artists and researchersorementioned platforms to the relevant circles and create a new publicity in this context. Therefore, to share the results of the research, examination and project studies with the target publics; to provide publication opportunities to academicians and researchers who carry out academic studies in these fields; to lay the groundwork for the discussion of sociological, philosophical, cultural, technical and educational problematics in media and art studies; mediarts will have the most concrete outputs suitable for its purpose.





Academic studies written in Turkish and English languages ​​are accepted for mediarts. Translation works, references, interviews, and book reviews can also be found in each issue, chosen by the editors or editorial board.

In mediarts...

  • evaluations based on the debates filtered from the body of media studies expanding in the historical process,

  • Research on texts that exist in the media ecosystem that produces other discourses for all components of social formation,

  • studies in which the forms of art that oscillate between current, theory and practice are evaluated by prioritizing both artistic purposes and social interaction,

  • Interpretations taking into account the synthesis of the art field, which converges with the media, especially through new web-based cycles

finds a place.

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