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Fourth Issue  Autumn  2022

Research article

Within the Frame of Motion-Image and Time-Image Deleuze’s Approach to Cinema

Doruk Akdamar

Research article

The Relationship between Hollywood Cinema and Auteur Directors:
The Critical Perspective in the context of Culture Industry

Abdullah Demir

Research article

“Happiness” with Hegemonic Womanhood:
The Image of Motherness in Ebebek Advertising Film

Rojdan Aksoy Yorulmaz

Research article

Effects of Digital Addiction on Content Production:
An Analysis on Media Workers

Begüm Aylin Önder  Deniz Ayas

Research article

Being There:
Seeking Depth in a Shallow Place

Bilgen Aydın Sevim

Research article

Within the Context of Consumer Culture Relationship Between Leisure Time and Advertising

Aydın Kaymak

Full issue

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