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Second Issue Autumn 2021

Research article

“Are You a Mother?”: Motherhood as an Self-presentation

Beriz Elmas

Research article

The Examination of the Photos used in Social Media
Advertisements in terms of Graphic Design

Mehmet Koştumoğlu  Kaan Özkan

Research article

Cet obscur objet du désir (1977):
Desire, Object, and, Women 
in the Culture of Consumption

Hüseyin Kırmızı

Research article

The Interaction of Space and Light in Cinema:
A Study on Bridge of Spies

Ferit Çağıl  Maşallah Kilinç

Research article


As a Auteur Director Ferzan Özpetek and His Cinemas

Gökhan Aşçı

Full issue

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