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First Issue Spring 2021

Credits Contents From the editor 

Research article

American Independent Cinema:
A Descriptive Look at Early Jim Jarmusch Cinema

Ecenur Sürücü

Research article

Cultural Construction of Hayao Miyazaki Animes
in the Context of Soft Power

Dilan Beyazköy

Research article

An Overview of Film Studies in the 1920s

Ferit Çağıl

Research article

Social Media as a Political Communication Tool: A Study on Candidates’ Use of Twitter in the 2018 Presidential Elections

Serhat Madsar

Research article

The Effect of Cinematic Light on the Dramatic Structure:
Case of Se7en

Maşallah Kilinç

Book review

Bir Fotoğraf Felsefesine Doğru

Buğra Kibaroğlu


An Exhibition Striking out of the Name: İsim Hariç

Şefik Özcan

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